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Closed for the 4th

All locations are closed on the 4th of July EXCEPT Gateway and Peninsula. Gateway: open at 2pm and close at 9pm
Peninsula: open from 11am - 9pm

Conundrum @ Avon

Conundrum is back at Avon from 7-9pm!
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Tour of Beers

This year we have more than 375 beers to choose from, including a brand new monthly barrel-aged beer bottle feature.


We believe that we have some wonderful news to share with all of our tourists. As we said previously, the Data Base for the entire beer program has been rebuilt. This involved thousands of beers that cover all of those that are a part of our program at one time or another during the tour year. The next step involved trying to recapture any credits for beers that did not show up on the items list for everyone. This created a double edged sword, because it was necessary to determine whether the beer just did not register or if it was due to not being assigned properly by one of our staff members. Human error is much easier to repair than a technical one.
We now feel that the program is running properly and all of you should have seen beers reappearing for credit that you were missing. The human error factor may result in some beers still not appearing on your tour record. Another factor that entered into the problem was the number of beers that were carried over from the 2016 tour and had different numbers assigned to them on the new 2017 tour system. Some human error occurred when a staff member inadvertently rang in the old number from 2016. Thus, the 2017 number received no credit. Shame on us for not recognizing this issue prior to the start of the new tour. I can report that those 2016 numbers have been removed from the program to eliminate that issue.
There is one last issue that will be corrected early next week: If you are using the Tour App, the Point Total on the History Tab is incorrect. The Tour Beers that have a green check on the Items Tab are correct. The Tour Beers that show on the printout at any of our stores are correct. The Point Total that you will see on your receipt at any of our stores is correct. You can obtain your Point Total at any of our stores by having one of our associates print a Point Balance Inquiry. As previously mentioned, the Point Total on the History Tab of the App will be corrected early next week.
If you feel that you are still missing any credits to your tour, due to human or technical issues please feel free to contact Amy Opalko at our Corporate Office. Her phone number is (216) 831-0505, extension 15, and her email address is aopalko@winkinglizard.com. She will be happy to make sure that any missing credits are issued for you. You can also stop in and discuss any issues with the GM at your local Lizard, and they will contact Amy.
All of this being said and done, we continue to feel the need to apologize to each and every one of our tourists for all of the problems incurred to this date. We feel that we have learned a lot and are now much better prepared to deal with any issues that may occur going forward. We want everyone to look forward to the rest of the tour this year. Please continue to read your newsletter and watch for some new and exciting announcements over the coming months. Your loyalty and patronage are very much recognized and appreciated.

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Tour of Beers

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