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WHISKEY WEEK- American Whiskey Day (ALL Four Lizardvilles)

We will have the following available at ALL four Lizardville locations. 
Orphan Barrel Whoop and Holler (available in individual pours)
Jefferson’s Wood Experiment #3, #4, #6, #10, and #12 (available in a flight of all 5 whiskeys only) Also, stop in to try some whiskey-barrel-aged Great Lakes beer during Whiskey Week. These beers will be tapped up randomly throughout the week! We don't have specific dates set for these or when we will be tapping them- we simply just want our guests to know that they will be available sporadically throughout the week! We have the beer listed along with the whiskey barrel that it was brewed in. We will have the following beers at the following stores.
’16 Triple Dog (Four Roses)
’17 Barley Wine (Buffalo Trace)
’16 BAXMAS (Four Roses) Bedford:
’17 Blackout (Buffalo Trace)
’16 Clipper (Buffalo Trace)
’16 Rack House (Four Roses) Copley:
’17 Barley Wine
’16 Triple Dog
’16 Clipper Lakewood:
’16 Blackout
’16 Rack House     

WHISKEY WEEK- Scotch Ales with Scotch Whiskey (Copley Lizardville)

To add a little something special to whiskey week, Market Garden will be providing us with the following drafts at our Copley Lizardville location. With the release of their Scotch Ale, this is perfect since this is Scotch Whiskey night for Whiskey Week!
Market Garden Progress Pils
Market Garden Prosperity Wheat
Market Garden Wallace Tavern Scotch Ale
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